Grading Scale

Due to the nature of Beyond 94 dealing with vintage clothing items that are on average over 10+ years old, I have tried our best to accurately describe the item to make ensure customer happiness. I have uploaded high quality photos, as well as use a grading scale to honestly and accurately describe the condition of each item. The grading scale used is as followed:

Mint: Vintage items in mint condition are near perfect, with no fading, stains, or cracking on the item. The items essentially look as new.

Pristine: Vintage items in pristine condition are in overall great shape with a lot of wearability left in them. Generally items in this condition will have either very minor fading, stains, or cracking on the item.

Good: Vintage items in good condition are in overall average shape, with a great deal of either cracking, fading, stains, or rips.

Distressed: Vintage items that are in a distressed shape, have a variety of issues that many would deemed below Good. They can have major rips, stains, fading, giant holes etc... Items with these types of imperfections are almost non recreatable, no factory can remake their unique look. Many people that are into fashion greatly enjoy items such as these, thus we chose to sell them.


Each vintage item on Beyond 94 is judged accordingly by this grading scale and displayed in the description of each item. All Clothing Items are thoroughly washed and cleaned, to ensure proper hygiene!